Clean Up BPPA

a campaign to remove offensive rhetoric from the Pax Centurion newsletter

Boston Phoenix: Shit Boston Cops Say

Yesterday, Phoenix reporter Chris Faraone published a 4-page article detailing the horrendous nature of Pax Centurion, and also added some choice and previously unknown details about its contributors.

ON PREGNANT HOMELESS WOMEN: “And now the city, in its infinite wisdom, will be acting to enable these little trollops to have exactly what they want simply by getting knocked up.”

ON MURDER VICTIMS: “I’m so sick of hearing how each gang member that gets shot is ‘turning his life around’ . . . because I have never actually seen one turn his life around.”

ON MUSLIMS: “They want to kill you. Do you understand? THEY WANT TO KILL YOU.”

In one editorial from 2010, Pax managing editor James Carnell attacked the mother of Manuel DaViega, who died in a police shootout that April. Carnell wrote: “All due respect to motherhood and fully understanding a grieving mother’s attempts to put blame anywhere but where it belongs, but your son was a maggot and a scumbag.
Whether Muslims, women, or gays, no pedestrian is safe from Moccia’s rhetorical wrath. In the March-April 2011 issue he questioned, “Are we breeding the fight out of American males?” He opined, “Men have become feminized, these ‘metrosexuals’ indulge in manicures, pedicures, yoga, and all sorts of other sissified pursuits.” Green-lighting all this chest-pounding is tireless BPPA president and member advocate Thomas Nee, whose name appears atop the Pax masthead. Nee also presides over Carnell’s condemnation of young offenders as “thugs” and “scumbags” in Pax — this while his own son Joseph was convicted in 2008of conspiracy to commit murder for plotting a school shooting at Marshfield High School.
Never mind that Carnell himself collected nearly $52,000 in sick pay last year for a total salary of $97,729 (down from his 2010 take of $155,399).
Read the full article at The Phoenix

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