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Boston Phoenix: The Worst of Pax

The following excerpts are taken directly from the pages of Pax Centurion – whose .pdf archives had been publicly hosted on the BPPA website, before suddenly disappearing on Tuesday, without explanation, hours after Chris Faraone’s story on Pax went to press. (We are republishing the files here so that the public can scrutinize Pax Centurion’s twisted legacy.)


JAMES CARNELL – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 | The officers were confronted with arrogant, entitled “college students” from the Arabian peninsula, who allegedly eschew alcohol and other such western excesses and tools of the infidels (That would be US!) but who were all drunk and carrying bottles of alcohol. (Allah Akbar!) . . . But these arrogant pieces of human garbage come to this country and believe they have “rights” because of their parent’s wealth and this country’s lack of a moral spine to kick their asses out of here on the next flight home to sandy city.


JAMES CARNELL – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 | If you don’t think illegal aliens and welfare-cheats have their own network consisting of how to drain the benefits from the most social programs, then you are indeed an idiot. Every welfare recipient has been well-schooled in participating in the “crazy-check” scam, the “disabled” alcoholic/drug addict scam, or the “Attention Deficit Disorder” scam in order to maximize how much they bleed from the taxpayers.

Read more at The Phoenix


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