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BostInno: Comments on MassCops Blog Agree With Controversial Opinions of Boston Police Association Newsletter

After activists exposed controversial editorials and articles written in the Boston Police Patrolmen Association’s newsletter and blasted those behind the seemingly racist, sexist and homophobic opinions printed in the bi-monthly publication, some commenters on a Massachusetts police blog have stood by what was said, wondering what all the fuss is about.

On, a site that describes itself as an “online forum for state personnel in law-related fields,” users posted comments in a thread backing the opinions of the newsletter’s editor while biting at those offended by its content.

On the comments thread, contributors stood behind the content printed by the BPPA and Carnell, saying what was written is “no worse than anything Jay Leno says in his nightly monologue,” calling those who were offended “spoiled brats…in a tizzy.”

Others tell Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis to “shut his trap,” after Davis called the recent BPPA editorials “juvenile conduct.”

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UPDATE: Our link to the BostInno article was broken earlier today. It has since been corrected.


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