Clean Up BPPA

a campaign to remove offensive rhetoric from the Pax Centurion newsletter

Boston Globe: Editor of Boston police union newsletter urged to resign over controversial content

Boston police Sergeant Jose Lozano, vice president of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement ­Officers, said Thursday that ­Officer James Carnell should ­resign as managing editor of Pax Centurion, the newsletter of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, because of statements he and others have made in the paper that have angered many union members.

As an example, Lozano cited a vulgar reference that Officer Jay Moccia made about Middle Eastern women. In the latest ­issue, Moccia joked about ­reports of a proposal in the Egyptian Parliament to allow a man to have sex with his wife after she has died.

In a phone interview Thursday, Moccia said he meant no harm by the joke. “It’s all done in good fun and tongue-in-cheek,” he said.

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*edit from Robin: here’s an article debunking the Egyptian necrophilia law rumor, which Officer Moccia treats as fact both in the Globe and in Pax Centurion; Egyptian activists believe the rumor was started by loyalists to overthrown dictator Hosbi Mubarak.


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