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Summary of BPPA’s 2010 Tax Report

Yesterday we posted the 2010 tax returns for the BPPA. We realize, though, that people have different skills and learning styles, and that digging through a 40-page form may be cumbersome. So, here is a little summary of the basics and some items which caught our attention. If you notice other things, please let us know in the comments.

For reference: BPPA’s 2010 990 Form..

Income items from the 9th page:
(only showing large or significant numbers here. These will not add up to totals seen on the tax form.)

Membership Dues: 2,217, 244
Contributions: 175
Advertising: 336,494
Settlement: 11,819
Investment income: 56,001
Fundraising event: -55,749
Misc Revenue: 27,746 (insurance plan admin fees)

Expense items from the 10th page:

Grants & other assistance: 60,024
Benefits to or for members: 180,980
Compensation for current officers,
directors, trustees, key, employees: 241,460
Other salaries/wages: 176,877
Legal fees: 566,580
Accounting: 55,175
other: 121,911
office expenses: 96,911
occupancy: 71,465
travel: 84,588
commissions: 222,486
donations, etc: 67,652
other: 69,489

Balance sheet items from the 11th page:

$4.4 million in assets –
some of which is:
– $2.5mil in savings,
– $548K remaining value for land/building equipment
– $700K investment account

They represent approximately 1800 members: patrolmen: 1445, EMS: 335, Cadets: 20 (2nd page)

They have two MA Political Action Committees which are accounted for separately. (per the 15th page, Schedule C, pg 3) (further identified on the 33rd page, Schedule R)

They have an endowment fund of $784K per the 18th page, Schedule D, pg 2.

They lost $55,749 on their fundraising events. (23rd page, Schedule G, pg 2.)

They gave out 44 scholarships, of $1,000 each, for a total of $44,000. The remaining “grants and assistance” were for “active duty pay and refund of due and dental insurance” (26th page, Schedule I, pg 2)

There are approximately 100 people on the payroll, ranging in salary from $100 to over $50,000. (pdf pgs: 7-8, 27-30)

Independent contractor – Commonwealth Productions in Whitman, MA – was paid over $259,743 for advertising sales (8th page)  on $336,494 advertising revenues (as shown above)


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