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Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) responds to Pax Centurion uproar

The PAX CENTURION and its editor, James Carnell, have come under attack over these past few weeks and we, the elected leadership of the BPPA, feel we must respond.

We utterly reject the ugly accusations which are currently being hurled against Jim Carnell, our Union, and our members.  For many years, Jim has taken on a thankless task of trying to keep our members, the police community, and our supporters apprised of the issues confronting us and the battles we have waged.  He has chronicled our fights to secure decent contracts, protect members unfairly disciplined, and secure legislative and other benefits, such as being paid what we were promised for advancing our education.  Of course, none of the media has bothered to point to these writings, which form the vast bulk of Jim’s work.

Also not addressed in the media fury is that most, and in recent years, all of the net revenues derived from advertising in the PAX have funded scholarships for the children of our members,  These scholarships are distributed by a lottery with each member having an equal opportunity to advance his or her child’s education.  For the support for these scholarships we have received from our advertisers, we and our members are enormously grateful.

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One comment on “Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) responds to Pax Centurion uproar

  1. GeeOfficerKrupke

    BPPA’s response is unsigned, undated and unfocused. Any shot at credibility is wasted.

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This entry was posted on 07/12/2012 by in police.

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