Clean Up BPPA

a campaign to remove offensive rhetoric from the Pax Centurion newsletter

The Phoenix and Universal Hub follow up on BPPA response; more financial questions come to light

From the Phoenix:

One week after the Phoenix featured the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) and its racist newsletter on our cover, the union responded with a letter on its web site – not just to us, but to the general “media fury” that’s exploded since the release of their May-June issue. It is not an apology letter. Quite the opposite actually; it reads, “We utterly reject the ugly accusations which are currently being hurled against [Pax editor] Jim Carnell, our Union, and our members.”

Further developments are being sought by a number of watchdogs, most notably the ad-hoc Occupy Boston-related group Clean Up BPPA. In addition to impugning the union’s questionable tax filings, bloggers there have also posted footage of what it looks like when the type of vitriol that permeates Pax plays out in real-life, and becomes more than just rhetoric. Stay tuned. Unlike times in the past when the Pax has come under scrutiny, it doesn’t look like this story will disappear anytime soon.

Read the full story here. (Thanks for the shout out!)

From the Universal Hub, a recap of the BPPA response:

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association is acknowledging the recent protests over the content of its bimonthly newsletter, Pax Centurion.

First, the union fires back at people who asked advertisers to pull out:

Continue reading here.

Have a great weekend, and remember to follow us on Twitter (@CleanUpBPPA) for more information as it comes in.


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