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The Million Dollar Contractor

In case you missed it, Saturday morning we posted an entry detailing information surrounding BPPA’s advertising. We found that, in 2010, one Commonwealth Productions received a $259,743 commission payment on  $336,494 advertising sales (~77%), and also that it was ordered to dissolve on April 19, 2011. The manager or agent of Commonwealth Productions is one Lisa Hutchinson; please see the linked blog post for information about her past.

Posted are additional tax forms from the BPPA, for the 2008 and 2009 fiscal years. Commonwealth Productions is again listed in the same capacity as they are on the previously posted 2010 form. In 2008 the advertising income was $593,002, and Commonwealth Productions was paid $391,051 in sales, which works out to being approximately 66% commission. In 2009 the advertising income was $434,143, and Commonwealth Productions was paid $384,400, approximately 89% commission.

In total, the math for fiscal years 2008-2010 works out like this:

advertising income- 593,002 + 434,143 + 336,494 = $1,363,639 (100%)
advertising sales – 391,051 + 384,400 + 259,743 = $1,035,194 (76%)

Commonwealth Productions took in a grand total of $1,035,194 in three fiscal years.


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