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Media roundup 7/21: Ring of Fire Radio, The Boston Phoenix

This week’s Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder: Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern

And progressive internet radio host Matt Filipowicz makes his return to the Ring of Fire to talk about some of the biggest stories of the week.

Matt tweets,

I’m on @RingOfFireRadio this weekend talking about the racist, sexist, homophobic #BPPA scandal. Tune in! #occupyboston

Check it out here


The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fundraising agency run by a woman who once bilked businesses out of money for a fake charity — by impersonating a police officer.

Commonwealth Productions, LLC, based in Braintree, was incorporated in 2006 to provide “fundraising . . . excluding ‘charitable solicitation'” for the BPPA, though the BPPA’s financial records list it as an “advertising” expense. The company was dissolved by the state last year for failing to file returns.

Read more at The Boston Phoenix.


We had news reports saying that Lisa Hutchinson, proprieter of Commonwealth Productions, had been arrested along with her husband David Gargano when Gargano’s fake-police-charity scam was busted up by the Attorney General’s office in 1991. And we had a report from the AG’s office from 1993, discussing Gargano’s conviction and sentencing.

But no word on whether Hutchinson had been convicted as well.

Now we know.

According her her file in Suffolk Superior Court, Lisa Hutchinson pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy, three counts of larceny greated than $250,000, and one count of deceptive solicitation. She was given a three-year suspended sentence, with three years’ concurrant probation.

Read more at The Phlog, the Boston Phoenix blog.


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