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Heath Properties: 10th Sponsor to Drop Pax Advertising

Per their Facebook page, Heath Properties will no longer place ads in the Pax Centurion.

Our sponsorship of the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association provides financial assistance to the BPPA’s Scholarship Fund – which supports the children and families of police officers and emergency medical responders in the city.

Heath Properties and its’ affiliates have no control over the editorial content of the BPPA Newsletter and were not made aware of the offensive content until after the publication was released. After careful consideration we have decided to refrain from printing our best wishes to the families of the BPPA Scholarship Fund but we will continue to support the fund in the form of a direct donation.

We thank you for bringing the issues to our attention and look forward to finding additional avenues where we can continue to support the City of Boston, its’ children, residents and workforce.


5 comments on “Heath Properties: 10th Sponsor to Drop Pax Advertising

  1. GeeOfficerKrupke

    But how can Heath and other supporters of BPPA’s purported scholarship fund get assurance that most or all of their donated money actually goes towards scholarships? Do they not care? And are they even aware of all the BPPA’s Form 990 – Hutchinson – Gargano stuff? Let’s hope that the streak of lost sponsors and ad money doesn’t end until there’s nothing left.

    • cleanupbppa

      That’s a difficult question to answer. Legally, if a donor specifies where to direct funds, the organization is required to use the funds as directed. This is tracked by using something called “fund accounting.” Whether BPPA will adhere to the donor’s wishes and whether they will track the funds donated for scholarships has yet to be seen. Sadly, it could take a while to learn, as they tend to file their taxes late. Their fiscal year ends in August, but from what I can tell, it could be about a year before the returns are filed. (We’ve yet to see the returns for the year ending Aug 2011, for instance.)

      It would be pretty risky, though, with a sponsor making a public announcement that they’ve directed their funds. So, one would hope BPPA would handle the funds appropriately.

  2. aalasti
  3. LJ

    The following is my comment originally posted under the 6/28 post regarding LoJack (which for some reason I never received by email until July 29!):

    I’m looking forward to hearing news that a sponsor has decided to pull ALL support – scholarship included – from the BPPA and redirect its support to a truly worthy organization.

    As far-fetched as this may sound, I speculate that some sponsors actually FEAR pulling all BPPA support for some form of retribution by the union.

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