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Last night’s MAMLEO Town Hall Meeting: Storify and Video

Last night was the MAMLEO Town Hall meeting on Boston/BPD discrimination at Global Ministries Church in Dorchester. It was conducted via a panel discussion, hosted by MAMLEO president Larry Ellison, and featuring Clean Up BPPA’s Allison Nevitt, NAACP Northeast Region/NEAC (New England Area Conference) President Juan Cofield, MAMLEO’s chief legal counsel James Gilden, and retired deputy superintendent/chairman of MAMLEO legal committee, Willie H. Bradley.

A number of people were livetweeting the event, which has been Storified here.

Additionally, it was broadcast on Boston Praise TV and is viewable here:

Thank you to MAMLEO, NEAC, and all who made it out last night for an incredible and important discussion. As Larry Ellison concluded, “To be continued.”


One comment on “Last night’s MAMLEO Town Hall Meeting: Storify and Video

  1. axb21

    My apologies to Juan Cofield, president of the NAACP New England Area Conference for omitting his name, which I didn’t catch before I started livetweeting; and to James Gilden, chief counsel for MAMLEO, whose last name I consistently misspelled “Gilman.”

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