Clean Up BPPA

a campaign to remove offensive rhetoric from the Pax Centurion newsletter


Clean Up BPPA is a campaign to end advertising support of the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association newsletter, Pax Centurion, until the content is cleaned up.

We support the right of the BPPA to have a newsletter, as well as the scholarship fund to which many sponsors have donated, but urge the union to reconsider and revamp its offensive, politicized content.

(as of July 3, the Pax Centurion has been taken offline. You can see a copy of the May/June 2012 issue here.)

There are many examples of  offensive commentary littered throughout these newsletters. For an extensive list of the most recent issue’s worst content, please check out our “Offensive Content” tab.


One comment on “About

  1. Kathy

    Thanks for doing this. I have already written to a few of the advertisers that I do business with and told them to please stop advertising in this hate-filled excuse for a “newspaper”.

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