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a campaign to remove offensive rhetoric from the Pax Centurion newsletter

Clean Up BPPA’s Response to Jim Carnell Letter

In a recently published letter to the Phoenix, Jim Carnell again avoids responsibility for the bigotry presented in the Pax Centurion. Instead, he launches bizarre and false accusations at those … Continue reading

07/25/2012 · 3 Comments

Conduct Unbecoming

The Boston Police Department has an extensive list of rules and procedures for their officers. High atop the list is Rule 102, Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities, which sets out “to establish guidelines for … Continue reading

07/25/2012 · 1 Comment

The Million Dollar Contractor

In case you missed it, Saturday morning we posted an entry detailing information surrounding BPPA’s advertising. We found that, in 2010, one Commonwealth Productions received a $259,743 commission payment on … Continue reading

07/16/2012 · 1 Comment

Who Gets 77% Commission?

In a recent post we reported that the 2010 BPPA tax form shows a $259,743 commission payment on  $336,494 sales (~77%) to Commonwealth Productions, 264 Raynor Street, Whitman, MA. A … Continue reading

07/14/2012 · 9 Comments

More video footage of 1101

To recap last night’s discovery, Robin has evidence linking officer 1101 — seen here harassing queer/female protesters — to James Carnell. Below is the video footage, including a second video … Continue reading

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Response to BPPA statement

As the campaign that led to the recent media spotlight on the BPPA, we feel we must respond to the BPPA’s statement “The PAX CENTURION and THE BPPA” on their … Continue reading

07/13/2012 · 2 Comments

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) responds to Pax Centurion uproar

The PAX CENTURION and its editor, James Carnell, have come under attack over these past few weeks and we, the elected leadership of the BPPA, feel we must respond. We … Continue reading

07/12/2012 · 1 Comment

BPPA’s 2010 Financials: 990 Form

BPPA’s 2010 990 Form. What do you see?

07/10/2012 · 3 Comments

Pax Centurion: a tidbit from Boston’s racist history

A researcher tipped us off to this old Boston fanzine that’s archived in the UC Berkeley library. The article at large is about how white neighborhood organizers in Southie during … Continue reading

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Commissioner Davis

As the outrage about BPPA was growing on Twitter, @therealkeori, @caulkthewagon, @parkivist and @jaykelly began tweeting directly at Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. And he responded: Edward Davis‏@EdDavis3  Follow @caulkthewagon @Parkivist @jaykelly26@eddavis3 Robin … Continue reading

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