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3 comments on “Contact

  1. theonetwothree

    Well I read everything in your cleanup theBPPA and I am watching you attack the wrong people your beef is with James Carnell a.k.a. moron as well as the other the BPPA members. And everything else is against this outfit that you claim they made millions but on the other hand is this David fellow also involved in a conspiracy selling heroin, which one is it? Is this guy a ruthless drug dealer or a millionaire? You seem to have a little bit of an oxymoron going. Then you have this woman is she a millionaire? Or is she selling heroin also?.I hear what you’re saying I guess I missed the gist of it.

    • conversefundsracists

      The purpose of this blog is not to make allegations regarding criminal activity, but to lay out the facts about the BPPA and the Pax Centurion, as we find them. We do not allege that the BPPA or David Gargano and Lisa Hutchinson are presently engaged in illegal activities. We are noting that the BPPA is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in dealings with Lisa Hutchinson, who has been previously convicted of fraud; given the size of these transactions, the history of the actors (which presumably is known to law enforcement), and the unclear nature of the advertisement money solicited, we are calling on the BPPA leadership to clarify the union’s relationship to the pair.

      Edit: To make sure we ourselves are clear, the “unclear nature of the advertisement money solicited” is a result of the fact that Commonwealth Productions claimed not to be soliciting for charitable donations, yet advertisers who have responded to inquiries claimed to have been supporting the scholarship fund, most claiming not to have bought advertising in the Pax Centurion.

  2. theonetwothree

    If you are up-to-date on your allegations, you would find that this Commonwealth productions is out of business the person that now handles all advertising for the BPPA is a person named Marie Richards and has worked for them since 2010. If you look at the Pax Centurion right there on the inside cover her name is there (Marie Richards in charge of advertising and sponsorships) and she works for them right out of their office at 911Shetland Street, not only is Commonwealth productions out of business they had nothing to do with the editorial content of the publication.and never has. If everything that you said is true the editorial content of the publication is when you’re upset with. I am sure that there was any fraud with Commonwealth productions of any kind the police union would have picked up on it I hope this has helped you with your investigative research.

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