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Pax Centurion’s Offensive Content

WARNING: This page contains extremely offensive and explicit content, much of which hasn’t been disclosed in many media outlets due to how vulgar it is. Readers’ discretion is advised, and all grammatical mistakes are left intact.

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association’s newsletter, Pax Centurion, is typically chock full of hateful, nasty content. It seems pointless to try and list all the ways in which it is offensive, as that would take all day. The recent May/June issue (you can read it here) is no exception. While much of the newsletter covers BPD-relevant content like updates on contract negotiations, local history, and a memorial to a fallen Massachusetts police officer, the paper is riddled with offensive rants and jokes. Here are some samples:

Officer James Carnell on a recent antiviolence summit between Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement (MAMLEO), black clergy, youth workers, city officials, and inner city teens:

“Yeah, right. I guess only ‘officers of color’ can relate to these troubled teens. (Personally, I consider myself ‘of color’, as tawny pink and lobster red are both colors, too, you know.) But, just for the sake of argument, let’s say that a priest in South Boston said that the local youths ‘only wanted to meet with officers who looked like them’. How do you think that would go over?” [page A19]

Officer Jay Moccia on deceased Egyptian women:

“The new Egyptian Government has declared it legal to have sex with your dead wife within 6 hours of her expiration. The sex is the same, but the dishes pile up.” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on Elizabeth Warren and Native Americans:

“Miss Prairie Dog-Lizzie Warren finds herself in heap big trouble for speaking with forked tongue.” [page C3]

“…she continues to get a pass from the Dems, even though she screwed a REAL Indian out of a job.” [pages C3 and C11]

“I hope the voters can see through this fraud and send her back to the Reservation in November. Pow! Wow… [page C11]

Officer Jay Moccia on unemployment:

“What’s the newest minority in the US? People who work!” [page C3]

UMass student Patrick Carnell on President Obama and dogs:

“5. Following an unpleasant tidbit about President Obama’s childhood exposed in April,
what is the President’s favorite food?
a. Ramen Poodle
b. Chow Chow Mein
c. Yorkshire Terrier Pudding
d. Beagle Bites
e. Great Danishes
f. Rin Din Din
g. Stewby Doo
h. Greyhound Poupon
i. Cold Yeller Cuts” [page B7]

Officer Jay Moccia also weighing in on Obama and dogs- this time Obama’s own dog, Bo:

“Funny how the story about Romney putting his dog Seamus on the roof disappeared in the media after someone exposed Obama’s own admission to eating dog during his youth in Indonesia. When Bo goes, he’ll be cremated to 180 degrees and served up with a nice Cabernet. File under ‘Ruff'” [page C3]

“Unknown Internet Source” on Middle Eastern Muslims:

“Rags for clothes and towels for hats.
No water to shave.
Toilet tissue usage unknown….

The women have to wear baggy dresses
and veils at all times.
Your bride is picked by someone else.
Praying 5 times a day – for what? More
of this life?…

And they tell you that when you die it all
gets better!
You’ll get a plethora of virgins to pick
No wonder there is no shortage of volunteers
for suicide missions!” [page C5]

Officer James Carnell on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick:

“If there is a bigger fraud, fake and phony in the Commonwealth than Governor Deval Patrick, I don’t know who it might be.” (In the next sentence he calls Governor Patrick a “racial huckster.”) [page A7]

Officer James Carnell on his pay cut:

“I assume that my confiscated money is now in the hands of some bum with an EBT card or an illegal alien getting free health care…” [page A9]

Officer Jay Moccia on Americans wildly celebrating the hypothetical assassination of President Obama, and…Muslims? Terrorists? Bin Laden? 

“Recently released documents found with Osama Bin Laden reveal he plotted an attack on an airborne Obama. He believed it would send the US into chaos-it probably would have but even drunk from partying we can outfight those turban tops.” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on U.S. soldiers posing for photographs with corpses:

“The LA Times was criticized after showing photos of U.S. Troops posing with dead suicide bombers. The pics were deemed insensitive to the dead terrorists-I say they show a job well done, death is the the ultimate goal of a suicide bomber, isn’t it? And, how can dead people be offended?” [page C3]

Officer James Carnell on liberals:

“…too many liberals like yourself indoctrinate students, rather than teach matters of substance. Liberals act on emotion and feelings, conservatives use logic and reason.” [page A9]

Officer Jay Moccia on illegal discriminatory hiring practices:

“Local Coffee shop Marylou’s is in hot water (pun intended) with the Fed’s as they investigate possible discriminatory hiring practices. The EEOC is looking into the possibility that the chain only hires good looking young girls. While the customers don’t seem to mind – the Government would have your coffee served in the bright pink cup by a fat ugly guy.” [page C11]

Officer Jay Moccia on Elizabeth Warren and Occupy Boston:

“How coincidental was it that the Occupy Movement chose May 1 to stage another protest. For those of you not in the know-May 1 is the Communist 4 th of July. Redistribute wealth, anarchy, upend the government, new morals, if that’s not Marxism I don’t know what is. Happy Birthday you rotten Commies! Maybe your candidate for squaw I mean senator, Liz Warren (your founder) can bake you a cake. I hear she has a whole cookbook full of plagiarized recipes…” [page C11]

Officer James Carnell on college professors:

“I was at Dewey Square, on numerous occasions, and on overtime, so thank you for that opportunity. It helps with the college tuition I have to pay for greedy college professors and the universities who employ them who raise tuition every year, reward themselves with pay raises, and then point their bony fingers at the taxpayers.” [page A9]

Officer James Carnell insinuating that Occupy Boston college-aged women slept with, as he calls them, “bums”:

“As [the “bums”] have told me, they never were fed so well, nor had so many liberal college girls showered ‘compassion’ upon them, in one form or another… Ahem…” [page A9]

Officer James Carnell on a man spelling his own name in a way that Carnell does not find to be masculine:

“I notice you spell your name with only one ‘L’- the correct and proper spelling –for men that is – is with two, but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions…” (Officer Carnell then continues to misspell Bil’s name as “Bil[L]” throughout the entire piece.) [page A9]

Officer James Carnell on Boston Police officers and members of Occupy Boston:

“Bil(L), let me let you in on a trade secret: they were bullshitting you. They were laughing at you while pretending to agree with your stupid group and the assembled morons from privileged backgrounds who took over public property and destroyed it.” [page A9]

Officer James Carnell on himself:

“[Officers who were polite to you] were playing good cop. I, on the other hand, am evil and bad and have big claws and fangs and write terrible things about suburban nitwits who want to relive the 1960’s, beat drums, feel good about themselves, and screw up traffic for people who actually work for a living.” [page A9]

Officer James Carnell on Occupy Boston:

“I find utter hypocrisy in nitwits/occupiers (how redundant) from privileged communities like Brookline, Wellesley, Newton and Dover holding cups of Starbuck’s latte while professing to have solidarity with the working man. The vast majority of ‘Occupiers’ were either spoiled snots playing professional protester or actual bums who were there to take advantage of naïve nitwits.” [page A9]

“Bil(L), why don’t you and your fellow occupiers go find a sandbox in Brookline or Newton, where you can protest injustices, stamp your feet, scream and yell, and then go home to Mommy and Daddy and eat quiche, brie and have a good long slug of Chardonnay?” [page A9]

Officer James Carnell on teachers, students, and Occupy Boston:

“Who do you think I am, one of your stupid students you can lecture
to? Unlike you, I don’t have the summer, nights, weekends, holidays, Christmas, February and April vacations off to listen to you nitwits beat drums, hold hands, eat brown rice, perform line dances and whine about social injustice.” [page A9]

Officer James Carnell on Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and North Korea:

“Comm. Davis recently held a North Korean-style meeting at the Teacher’s Union Hall. Kim Il-Jong would have been very proud of the audience, 95% of whom were on ‘ordered release’ time so that they could sit in front of the Dear Leader, watch his self-glorifying video, and then clap politely when the Dear Leader spoke.” [page A19]

Officer Jay Moccia on Tiger Woods:

“I can’t help it, but I always snicker when I hear Tiger Woods use golf cliches during interviews like ‘the holes were tight’ or ‘my balls were really rolling out there.'” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program:

“EBT= Everyone But Taxpayers” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on the sound of women’s voices:

“Why is it guys complain about women nagging them, but continue to use Siri and GPS featuring a woman’s voice?” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on janitors who protest:

“I got sent down to babysit a protest by janitors, the only good thing about it? They clean up after themselves – Occupy THAT!” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on and immigrants:

“Oh those loony lefties! wants the word ‘Illegal’ banned when it’s used with alien or immigrant. According to the moonbat website the word is racist, dehumanizing (did ET or ALF complain?) and inaccurate. MoveOn is inaccurate-how can the phrase be racist when it refers to ALL groups not here legally-whether black, white or hispanic? What if an alien documented or not commits a felony and is convicted-would he then be legally an illegal alien? I have an ‘I’ word for ‘I-D-I-O-T-S’!” [page C3]

Officer Jay Moccia on atheists:

“A Wisconsin atheist group is fighting the city of Woonsocket RI over a 90 year old War memorial. The heathens are upset over a white Latin cross that adorns the monument dedicated to 4 Woonsocket servicemen lost in WWI & WWII. What eyesight on those pagans!” [page C11]


5 comments on “Pax Centurion’s Offensive Content

  1. Dan Farnkoff

    I read about half of this. This stuff is actually pretty tame, with the exception of the Egyptian joke and maybe a few other things. Most of it is clearly political, and a lot of it directed not at racial minorities or gays but at “liberals”. Limbaugh, Michael Graham, Michael Savage, and Jay Severin say worse things every other day. Not really feeling the outrage, but that might be because I’m a white male (albeit a pretty liberal one). What’s “offensive” or “racist” about Carnell’s criticisms of Occupy Boston, or Elizabeth Warren? Is criticism of Deval Patrick somehow “racist” by default?

  2. Rob Harris

    Impartiality or at least the appearance of impartiality is typically a requirement in most law enforcement jurisdictions in the United States. Therefore, the bigger question is why do many of the citizens of Boston tolerate this routine display of partiality and overt bigotry by those sworn to protect and serve them?

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